01 July 2008

Nerdy things to do with a GPS and a kayak in Western Norway

The degree confluence project is an attempt to document all the land or near-land intersection points of cardinal lines of latitude and longitude.

Basically it means lots of nerds go and take photos of the exact point in space where 6 degrees North crosses 54 degrees East etc. Then they post them on the web...

Why? Buggered if I know, but it beats watching shitte tv or worse, football. Its also a good way to spend a day and visit a point on the Earth`s surface that has no other merit, ie it is not a summit or especially pretty or anything. It just happens to be where two arbitary navigation lines cross.
Essentially its an excuse to get out the house and visit somewhere random.

So last year when I found out that 60N/5E had never been visited and it was just off the coast to the south of us it seemed a good way to waste a day, infact a whole weekend.

You can read the account here ...

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