30 June 2008

41 – Close but not quite the answer*

Woke up a day older today – I guess by this stage it doesn’t make a lot of difference especially since the party was at the weekend anyway. First present of the day was from Florence who brought in a just-dead bird at 4.30 am – meow! Things got better at 7 am when I got a geotagging device for my camera and a dvd from K; Rome-2 from my bro and some smellies from Katharine’s mums.

Boat arrived in the evening – had some fun and games with the guy who was delivering it. He didn’t speak any English (well this is Norway so I guess that's fair enough) so I tried to tell him to meet me at Ikea, “Ikea Store Svensk butikken uten byen” (Ikea the large Swedish shop outside of town!) he said "ja" (yes) then flashed straight past it and ended up driving a small car with a very large trailer through the centre of Bergen in the rush hour! Eventually tracked him down and got it in the water. Then went out for a play – its fast, very fast.

Then home for pizza and champagne in the hot tub! It’s a good birthday when you get to use all your new toys!

*Courtesy of Mike “Baldrick” Klym – if you don’t understand then you need to go back and re-read your Douglas Adams

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Mike Klym said...

And it looks like you'll have even more to read than before!