05 June 2008


We are sitting on a yacht in a small bay surrounded by trees watching the sun dip behind golden clouds. Its summer in western Norway and never really gets dark. There is no other evidence for human existence beyond the five people sat on the boat. Scott strums his guitar while the rest of us lazy around, drink gin and tonics and unwind from another busy week. Tomorrow morning we will wash away the remnant hangover by diving into the chilly waters before heading back to Bergen via the southern tip of Sotra. Today’s sailing would have benefited from a bit more wind but this is a big boat and still makes good time and anyway we are in no rush to be anywhere other than out having fun and enjoying each others company.

Many years ago I saw an idyllic image in a travel brochure, showing a big sailing boat., moored in some distant cove. It was bathed in sun and the people looked happy and relaxed. Now I am in that picture...

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