21 May 2008

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Well the idle wankers in LOStat were still on strike/holiday by the time I tried to fly home, so I took the first two flights and ended up in Amsterdam. From there KLM recommended that I fly to Oslo and take the night train to Bergen. I agreed, it was that or fly to Newcastle and take the ferry – an 8 hour train ride seemed strangely preferable to 26 hours in the company of pissed up Geordies so I opted for that.

Once they had changed my flight it was straight to the inter-web thingy and try to get a train ticket. Obviously the ones for that day had long gone, what with the strike and all that, but there was one at 8 am the next day. So I booked on it and then called Spencer to tell him I was going to be in the big O.

Arrived in Oslo, no luggage which was no big surprise. Actually it was a blessing as they could then delivery to Bergen for me, rather than me having to cart it across the country on the train. Came out of Oslo S station and there was a junkies convention in the plaza beside the station. Hundreds of them milling around looking sad and pathetic in a mildly threatening manner. Very strange, I’m not sure if its just because I have been in Bergen so long but seemed to be a real abundance of tramps and beggars all through the city. Depressing in one of the world’s richest capitals. Headed across town and meet up with Paul, Bruis and Shaun. We went for Tapas, drank some beer, bull shitted and drank some more beer. All in all a pleasant evening.

Following day I was up early, got my train and settled back for 8 hours of great scenery. And that’s about all I can say about it – it was 8 hours of fantastic scenery. Felt a bit weird to be looking at snow after a month in the desert, but the sun was shinning and the views were great. Normally I would be belting across the country at 30,000 ft and the whole thing would be over in 50 minutes and here I was passing though it and getting a much better chance to see it and even feel it. Everyone should do it, from time to time

Arrived back in the big B 48 hours after I left SLC – the sun was shinning and it felt good to be home. The girls were very pleased to see me and I was very happy to sit on the terrace and drink in the view

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