06 May 2008

At home in the field!

After the computing centre guys left I had two days in the field with some of my students, Christian, Turid and Toby. On the first day I spent the morning driving around the San Rafael desert with Turid, mapping and tracing the base Cretaceous flooding surface, then spent the afternoon in Woodside, looking at the NM Blackhawk. Great day in the field.

Saturday night we stayed in Wellington, which was is a very grim collection of shacks, south of Price. I had driven past the world famous “Cowboy Kitchen” thousands of times so we planned to finally check it out. Had heard good things about it back in the day but I have to say I was pretty sceptical, it’s a windowless bunker of a building and the signs advertising steaks, steaks and more meat, held little promise to me. But you have to try these things once, there is no subsitute for experience...

So how was it? Well if you are ever in Wellington and you see the Cowboy Kitchen and you are hungry – keep going to Price – Maybe you feel you need to check it out yourself but if you want my advice - don't bother! No charm, shitte service, bad 70’s d├ęcor and crap food. Well at least I know for sure now!

Next day headed up 9-mile canyon with Christian and we spent another great day, looking at the rocks, tracing stuff out, discussing what it means, solving problems and making sense of it all. The weather was perfect, the rocks great, a family of deer stood and nervously watched us and I looked around at the great scenery and thought – this is me! This is where I am happiest, in the field, doing good geology with friends. Even the crap restaurant and seedy motels just adds to the overall effect.

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