20 May 2008

LO Stat - Doing it for the brothers

The Norwegian airport workers union (LO Stat) is on strike! Throwing the entire country into chaos and leaving thousands of people, including me, stranded.

I have always been a big fan of a strong labour movement and proper pay and conditions for everyone. A living wage and decent working conditions are a basic human right that are tragically still denied to millions of people globally. But lets get a grip, Norwegian baggage handlers don't work in sweatshops in South-East Asia or even in McJobs in the US or UK. They live and work in the country that has one of, if not the, highest standard of living in the World, they get better pay and more holiday than any of their contemporaries world wide!

Now you might argue that a strong labour movement is what has brought them to that enviable position and while that is probably true, there needs to come a day when you say "we have a good life, lets get on and enjoy it" maybe even focus on a serious and worthwhile cause (there are many such as this) , rather than playing student union politics and pissing thousands of ordinary people off.

Is it a coincidence that the strike coincided with the national day? Maybe they needed a strike so they could go and stand in the rain and wave a flag? Maybe they are just fuckin idle, useless, over-privileged, spoiled, pampered, tossers who would not know a proper days work if it bite them.

Whatever the reason I am sure your brothers in the sweatshops of the Far-East are right behind you in your quest to work even less and earn even more...

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