28 July 2008

Another great weekend - Yawn

Weather still stunning. Spent Friday night sitting on the terrace with Katharine and drinking far too much wine (about 2 bottles too much to be precise).

Pottered around on Saturday doing jobs and shopping, spent lots of money on the boat. The great thing about having a new toy is all the gadgets that get to buy to go with it, and boats are a whole new world! Saturday evening Ian and Ali and their offspring came around and we had a barbi and a very pleasant evening on the terrace.

Sunday went climbing to Lykøy with Scott, Katharine and Ceclie. It was very hot and mobbed by a bunch of tattooed Poles when we arrived but they soon left. The somewhat spectical, "I have lived in Liverpool for 10 years", part of me was convinced that they were going to rob all the stuff out of the car, but this is Norway and everyone is nice, even the visitors, so I was obviously and thankfully wrong. Did a load of routes and took a nice fall on a 6 which Scott dispatched effortlessly. I decided I was spent, my tips were trashed so he did another 3 routes, including a 7- to remind me how great it is to be young and fit!

Another barbi on sunday night and another evening on the terrace basking in the evening sun sipping beers and watching the world go by. Will this great weather ever end? Remind me that I said that after we have had 50 days of rain in November.

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