29 July 2008

My cats are stupid...

The cats have a cat flap, which seems to be a bit of a novelty in Norway. On seeing it one Norwegian friend said "oh your cats have a fire escape, how cute!" Yes well...

Anyway there is a serious bruiser of a cat in the neighbourhood who has figured out the cat flap and comes in, creating trouble and eating all their food. Fatty Lola does have a go at him, but I have noticed its only when I am stood behind her. Otherwise she runs off. Flo - she is just skitty and shit scared of everything, because everything is bigger than her and bullies her, so maybe she is smart.

Anyway since I am going away I opted to import a special cat flap that operates off the micro-chip in their necks and only lets them in. Figured it was fitting for an evil lair to have a high tech cat flap haw haw haw!

Got the flap smuggled into the country from Jersey, via Bradford and Glasgow (long story) and installed it this evening.

Now its in the same place and looks pretty much the same as the previous one, attached to a little tunnel through the wall. The door is on the inside of the house rather than the outside and it clicks as the lock goes on and off. But apart from the its exactly the same, so the cats should have no problems, right? Wrong!

Lola wedges herself in the tunnel and bats the door until it locks itself again and Flo runs a mile at the click! Despite being pushed through it numerous times its all a bit too much for them!

Bless - well at least Katharine and Graham are there for a few days so hopefully they'll figure it out. I am not so sure though.

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