11 July 2008

Old friends visiting

One of my oldest friends, Kev is visiting this week with his Mum Val and her boyfriend Eric. Kev was the guy who came and fixed my steps last year when I had a broken leg and the local builders had all gone on holiday and left my scrambling up and down a gravel slope on crutches.

Kev and I go back a long way, in fact I was his best man when he got married in 1986, despite never having been to a wedding before. Speeches, how hard can it be? I even crashed Val’s car on the morning of the wedding – twenty-two years later I think she has forgiven me although I am not sure if they ever believed that it wasn’t even my fault!

Anyway they are here, staying in the lair and the weather is great, showing Norway at its best. Some awesome sunsets (see above). Val and Eric have done “Norway in a nutshell” and Bergen in a day and just spent a lot of time hanging out and enjoying themselves. Kev and I have played with the boat and caught up on many lost years. Its nice to have them here.

They even got me to get the fire clubs out!

(Picture courtesy of Kev Beard)

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