15 July 2008

I'd rather be up there...

My bro has just started flying micro-lights - he claims there is nothing like hanging from a couple of pieces of cloth, secured by some wires to a single bolt while being propelled by a lawn mower engine - I'm sure it's fun and relatively safe. Not sure I am quite ready to entrust the entire family gene pool to his aviation skills just yet but as soon as he has got a bit more practice I'll let him take me for a spin. Anyway the point of the post...

The other day he was hanging out at the airfield with his new buddies after they had chosen not to go flying because the weather forecast was bad. The day had turned out better than predicted and Les was staring wishfully at the blue skies saying:

"I wish I was up there".

Quick as a flash, an old wag retorted:

"Its better to be down here wishing you were up there, than to be up there, wishing you were down here"

A fantastic piece of wisdom which applies to many other so called "dangerous" sports.

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