21 July 2008

Run over by my own boat!

After my visitors left the rest of last week was fairly mellow Come the weekend, the weather was not great and Katharine was back in the UK so I worked on some Tor and HÃ¥vard's theses on Saturday. Sunday, Leppard, Dan, Mark and Scott came around to play in the boat so we headed down to the southern part of Lille Sotra with the ring.

Everyone had a go and there were thrills and some spectacular spills. Leppard is the only person with a body mass so great that on the turns, with his extra momentum, he managed to overtake the boat! Scott on the other hand is so light that he was getting some big air off the wake. When I had my go Scott was driving which was fine, then Chris wanted to drive with Scott in the ring so he ended up at the controls. I was sat on the front.

We accelerated and I suggested to Chris that he slow down a little bit, he yanked back the throttle, the boat dropped off the plane like a stone and I went hurtling over the front! Classic comedy-moment. The boat was still running and heading forward so I was run over. I ducked and curled into a ball protecting myself as I heard the prop pass just over the top of my head. Everyone thought this was pretty funny and we carried on playing. For the rest of the afternoon, things got faster, the boys did a good job of hanging on to the ring and there were some long rides, some big air and some spectacular wipe-outs! It started raining as we headed back and I ended up driving with a diving mask and trying to tow Chris all the way back up the main shipping channel.

Later that night I was lying in bed and kept contemplating the damage that a prop could do to a person in the water! It was not a pleasant thought...

Note to self: hold on tighter when muppets are driving.

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