19 July 2008

Life in Norway V - Roller Skis

As a nation Norwegians are good at skiing. They learn it at an early age and they get to practice it most weekends between January and May. There is significant mockery of other nations attempts to ski (often justified) and a huge pride in their international achievements. When the biathlon (skiing and shooting) is on they crowd around any available TV and watch intently, cheering loudly. The love to ski and they love to watch it, that is fine.

Well at least its fine until we get to the subject of roller skis. Through the summer, on the cycle paths and walk ways people in ridiculous lyrca suits whizz past on short skis with little wheels on. For real, this is not a joke! Its fucked up, in fact its worse than that, it’s totally bizarre, its like those idiots who play golf in the snow, obsessive and just a little bit too spooky.

Guys its summer, there is no snow, you just look ridiculous. While the odd weekend of summe-ski on the glacier is a good thing, this is just ridiculous. Get over it and enjoy the sunshine, winter will be here soon enough!

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