23 August 2010

Sandy and Helen tie the knot...

... on a mountain in a storm

This weekend we were at Sandy and Helen's wedding which started at 2pm on Friday in St Jorgens church. The interesting thing about the church is that it is not the one I thought it was! So we picked up Ross and Fiona and then spent a while driving around confused, fortunately people wandering the streets of Bergen in kilts are rare enough that we were able to home in on the right church pretty easily.

After the service we headed through horror show traffic to get the cable car up Fløyen. Last time I was in the cafe at the top of Bergen's highest mountain it served pølse and crappy pizza but it has since been renovated and turned into a rather excellent restaurant. The food was good and everyone, especially the visiting Scottish contingent loved the view. There was lots of speeches (as is traditional in these parts) and as the evening wore on the weather closed in. By the time the non-dinning guest arrived at 9pm it was a full on storm. Everyone was having to much of a good time to care that they might be stuck for the night and the band played on until after 2. We exited about 1.30 and the cable car was running at half full and quater speed! Somehow everyone managed to get home that night.

Next day we reconvened for more drinking and dancing in an old wooden warehouse in Sandviken and that party went on til 1.30. All in all they put on a fine spread and their guest, both local and from afar rose to the occasion in good fashion. I think they got a good send off...

All the best for a great life together

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