25 August 2010

Wednesday Movie - From South Africa to North Wales

The "Battle of Kruger" is a home made video showing a pride of lions, two crocs and a herd of buffalo fighting for the life of a baby buffalo. Who will win?
It starts a bit slow but is well worth watching all the way through, maybe with the sound off (the people are kinda annoying). The video is here. Enjoy.

And to follow on from the recently banned Newport State of Mind* here's something from Gogledd Cymru - you ain't see Ruthin yet

* How utterly childish, humourless and insecure must Alice Kays and JayZed be to get Newport State of Mind barred from youtube? Just because someone takes their whinny, drab big apple anthem and replaces the cliched lyrics with tales of off-white transits and throwing up in the back of a taxi; they get all upitty and precious. Well lossers its gone viral so you can't stop it. In fact, you can still find it here and it's still great.

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