13 August 2010

Big News

There is already a lot of things going to happen in 2011, getting married, moving to the UK, buying or building a new house, some great projects at the Uni and lots of wells finally getting drilled by the company after 5 years of preparation. So when Katharine told me 2 months ago that she was pregnant I was surprised but pretty relaxed about it.

It's fantastic news, a whole new adventure and while the timing could have been better it's amazing and we are both very happy. We went for the first scan a few days ago and just seeing this little alien like thing wake up and trash around like a real disco dancer made it all hit home. I finally feel like a grown up.

Events like this lead to lots of introspection. I always wanted kids but always at some point in the future. Now the future has caught up with me and I feel ready. I will be older than many fathers and while it may be tough I have absolutely no doubt that waiting was the right thing for me. I have travelled the World and done loads of cool stuff. While I am sure there will be lots more adventures I feel totally ready to slow down a little and focus on different priorities. The person that I am now is a much calmer, better equipped individual to deal with the responsibilities that this will bring. I would not want the dickhead I was at 21 to be charged with such an important task. So I am ready and I am excited and its going to be an amazing adventure.

I am a bit sad that my Mum isn't around to see it. I am happy that everything works ok, but its sad to watch friends who are really keen for kids trying hard while it happens unexpectedly for others. But then maybe too much navel gazing is not such a good thing and its time to just get on with it.

Katharine is doing great, a bit tired but dealing with it all really well and after all the test this week the little alien inside her is also doing just fine. If everything goes to plan it will be born on the 16th February.



Liam Herringshaw said...

Blimey indeed, Professor Howell, but wonderful news. Congratulations!

Ola said...

Hey, that it awesome !!!!