17 August 2010

Eventful Weekend

It was a somewhat interesting weekend. I had planned to have a quite one and work on a project that we are trying to finish up. Hmmm
Thursday night (cos the weekend always used to start on Thursday) was Sandy's stag bbq at his house. Ten guys, a fridge full of beer and a couple of bottles of whisky, what could possibly go wrong? Enough said I think!

Friday night I was home alone, recovering from Thursday. Took photos of the meteor shower, did a bit of work, watched a movie and headed to bed at midnight. Woke up at 2.30 to the sound of somebody breaking into my house! For fucksake this is Norway! This isn't supposed to happen here. Anyway the were rather suprised to see a naked and very angry me in the corridor which was enough to ensure they beat a hasty retreat! Couldn't really give chase with no clothes-on so I had to let it go. Bastards had climbed in through the very small window in the washing machine room. Obviously thought the house was empty! Scum.

Next morning up neighbour took it on himself to deliver 10 tonnes of stone which he had promised months ago for my garden. He dumped it at the top of the stairs so I had to get it all moved. Fortunatly Sandy and Helen were keen to help and after a very long day of moving barrow fulls of stone down 25 steps the job was done. Very grateful for the help! That would have been hell alone. Stayed in and worked Saturday night, no visitors in the night this time.

Sunday went for a kayak trip with Sandy. It was a lovely day and we headed out to Turøy in Øygarden (north Sotra). Paddled out and once we got into the open ocean the swell was gnarly. Not so big (c. 1-2 m ) but really choppy and broken up, coming from all sorts of directions and breaking over us. Lots of concentration required and I was convinced I was going to fall out. Headed around the island and just as we turned the south west corner and headed around, Sandy got hit by a oblique wave from behind which sent him for a swim. We got him back in the boat pretty quick and all was fine. We surfed in and then headed back north on the sheltered side of island. A more eventful trip than we had planned.

Got back and feel asleep trying to do some of the goddam work! All in all a rather eventful weekend. Back to work on Monday

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