31 August 2010

My garden construction project

I have had an ongoing project to fix the garden outside the house for the last 3 years, ever since it was necessary to rip out the old steps and garden to waterproof the basement. It's never really been a priority, there was always more fun stuff to do.
The timeline goes something like...
June 2007 - builders remove old garden then disappear for the summer
July 2007 - import friends from UK to rebuild steps
June 2009 - start building garden wall with my brother
May 2010 - finish garden wall
June 2010 - lay last lot of slabs
August 2010 - shovel 10 tonnes of stone into garden for drainage with help of Sandy and Helen
August 2010 - shovel 20 tonnes of earth into garden with help from no-one

Now it just needs to be planted and it will look really nice, just in time to sell the place!

This is how it looked back in 2007, just after the basement was damp proofed
The imported workers!

By the end of 2007, I at least had some steps

Then by 2009 I had a garden wall

And finally ready for some plants

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