03 November 2008

US Election

There is not much that can be said - it's all common sense, which is probably the scary bit...
McCain is an old duffer, who already has skin cancer and is one burger away from a fatal heart attack.
Palin is truly scary, anti-science, anti intelligence, religious, small minded, xenophobic and a total red neck.
Just when you thought that Bush was the worst that could happen to the World along come this pair of jokers - it's truly frightening

Obama seems like a good candidate, at least he has two brain cells to rub together. Plus the fact that he is black is bound to wind up the nazi arseholes, which is always a bonus, just so long at they don't bump him off six months down the line.
And as for his running mate... who is his running mate?

So tonights electon will be interesting. Obama seems to have it sown up but never under estimate the power of stupid people in large groups. I would not be surprised if at the last minute it swings the other way.

A closing thought...

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