18 November 2008

Land of the Large

Just in case you were wandering why its called the "Land of the Large", see the map below from the rather excellent Strangemaps site, which shows obesity by state. That is the percent of the adult population that is not just over-weight but obese (i.e. BMI >30). Obese means that your weight is impacting your health.

Texas comes in at a rather disappointing 14th place but, with the exception of the pig in lipsticks home territory of Alaska where they probably need an extra layer of fat to keep warm, the east and especially the SE is where all the lard is consumed (or at least stored on large arses). In fact the increased subsidence and flooding in New Orleans in recent years may be an isostatic compensation for the extra load that is applied to the crust in the deep south.

By comparison, 19% of the UK, population is obese. which means that the 51st State comes second from bottom of this list with a stern "must try harder" note from Mr MacDonald, the Headteacher. The UK is let down by the English because the Scots are doing their part with 23% and the figure in Wales is over 20%

I couldn't find any figures for Norway but my guess is that its lower.

God bless America and all who trough in her.


Anonymous said...

obesity by country: http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/hea_obe-health-obesity

John said...

Nice one! A smorgesbord of geeky statistics....