09 November 2008

There is probably no god - so stop worrying and enjoy life

The idea is pretty simply - bored of being subjected to loads of religious propaganda and doom & gloom death threats from nutcases like this (watch the video its truely horrible). The British Humanist Association have set out to redress the balance with a bit of light hearted atheist advertising.

They set out to raise £5,000 and have got up to £120,000 already…

Love it!

(Click on the picture to find out more and make a donation)

As an interesting postscript, a counter campaign by HTB has raised less than £1000 - which begs the question, where is your god when you need to decorate the side of a bus then? He's probably too busy over-seeing the 24 wars that are currently being fought in his name or maybe the brawling in Jerusalem* to worry about a bit of fund raising.

*Be sure to watch the video - its straight out of "Life of Brian"

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