17 November 2008

In Obama's America

Just landed in Wayne County airport - Detroit, on route to Houston. With a name like that I was expecting a dirt airstrip and a guy wearing a baseball cap and a wife-beater with a mullet leaning against a pick-up directing cross-spraying Cessnas. Disappointingly it's just like any other US airport.

Haven't been in the land of the large for about 6 months, am going to be here for the next 10 days. Will be interesting to hear what our very republican employees in Houston make of the change (note to self - don't be smug, don't wind them up)

Not too much happening in Bergen over the past couple of weeks. Everyone was working super hard leading up to the Norwegian licensing round which ended 10 days ago. A very large Friday night followed in which I got home at 5 am - but that's another story. Since then the weather has been pretty kak. Ten degrees, windy and raining most of the time with the occasional clear and very cold day. Katharine was away having fun in the sun last week and I just had a quite one. Made it to the gym and the climbing wall apart from that not much to report.

Hanging in waiting for the winter fun to start.

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