25 November 2008

US Car manufacturers - a dilemma...

Very interesting to see the mental conflict that is facing some of our more republican friends...
The great car manufacturer bail-out question.

The issue is fairly simple:
These people would never buy anything other than an American car. Despite the fact that they are ugly, uneconomical, badly made, horrible and wollowing to drive, expensive to run and generally shitte, they love them.
The same people are also totally committed to the free market. If a company can't hack it then it should be left to go under. You should not use tax payers money for bail-outs. Actually in their opinion there shouldn't be any tax.

So there is the dilemma, let Ford, GM et al go under and have to drive a Toyota or go against your deeply held moral beliefs and approve a bail out.

Ha ha - I am glad my life is simple

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