10 November 2008

20 more tell-tale signs that you have been in Norway too long

Following on from the original 20 tell tale signs - here are some more:

1. You think a queue should be 20 people wide and 2 people long
2. Girls with long blonde hair, nice bodies and clear skin, look kinda average
3. You use your elbows to get to the bar in a busy pub and shout to get served
4. You know the rules to hand ball
5. You own a house and two cabins (one in the mountains and one by the sea)
6. If you want to go to the toilet in a night club you take the shortest route and walk straight across the center of the dance floor
7. You can’t remember what those orange flashing lights on the car are for
8. You take more time off work at Easter than at Christams
9. The guys around you spend more money on hair gel and styling than the girls
10. You think "dancing" means "swing-dancing" even in a hip-hop club or heavy metal concert
11. You think £10000/$20000 for a 5 year old car is a good deal
12. You don’t see any problem with shouting loudly in the street at 3 am and it doesn't bother you when other people do it
13. You spent more on your boat than on your car
14. You know that the traffic will stop if you walk onto the crossing, regadless of its size, proximity, speed or the road conditions
15. You love brown cheese
16. You know that Thursday is Raspeboller day
17. Christams means lutte fisk (herring pickled in alkaline) and pinnekj√łt (greasy lamb or pork that smells like dog food)
18. You know that Svalbard is somewhere you have to go once in your life, a bit like Mecca to a muslim
19. If you meet someone while walking in the mountains you do everything you can to ignore them
20. You know how much your neighbour earns because you checked the list in the paper

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