01 April 2008

From the best snow conditions to the worst...winter is over

Got back from the US and head out for a local top tour on Saturday. Weather was pretty crappy in Bergen but headed to Kvamskogen, just by Eikedalen, the local ski resort. Arrived at the bottom of the slopes and it was grim, 4 degrees and raining. Decided to go for it anyway since we were there, trudged up past the inactive lifts to the top of the ski slope, into a cloud. Conditions were about as shitte as they could be so we opted to scarp the day. Stopped there, dug a sofa, had lunch, buried avalanche beacons, found them again and had just hung out. We then boarded back down to the car through snow that was like wet concrete and about as slow as it can get. It was raining all the way…

I think winter is over… the clocks changed on Sunday and spring is coming – Yeah!!!

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