04 April 2008

Life in Norway II- Drumming in Bergen

With spring comes the onset one of the more unpleasant aspects of Bergen life – that of the drumming corps. All through the spring and summer, normally starting at about 7am on a Sunday morning, small groups of acne-ridden young boys in badly fitting uniforms parade around drumming – badly!

I am sure there is some history behind it but everything about it is horrible: its militaristic and nationalistic in the nastiest way; its always the ugliest, spottiest and greasiest kids that seem to be indoctrinated by their stupid parents to take part in it; they block the traffic and most importantly they disturb people who are trying to sleep on a Sunday morning. These people would be quick enough to complain if I played loud music at 2am so why should I have to listen to your tuneless banging at 8am!

It’s a contentious issue in the town, lots of people think its culture, others like me think it’s a flashback to paramilitary, nazism, not unlike those orange wankers in Northern Ireland. Last year some really horrible greasy specimen was in the papers claiming that he should be excused military service because disturbing people by drumming was more important. Fuck that – send the greaseball off to Afghanistan and let him bang his fuckin drum there… if the Taliban don’t shot the fucker, I will.

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