26 April 2008

What is it with me, Utah and hospitals at the moment?

Got to Utah and had a great day in the field on Thursday with Turid. Did a series of sections along the Wasatch Plat, saw some good stuff, answered a lot of questions and only had a light dusting of snow! It was good to be in the field with her because last year, the only supervision she got was me with a broken leg pointing with crutches from the back of the car! In the evening met up with the guys and headed for some food.

Was feeling a bit rough with a stomach ache during the meal and went to bed as soon as we got back. Was up all night with stomach pains and in the morning opted to go to the hospital. Was pretty sure that it was nothing that a good dump couldn't sort out but best to get it checked and I needed something done about the pain. Was thinking that some industrial strength laxatives would do the job!

In hospital I sat in the waiting room surrounded by some fantastic, blabbering white trash , sitting there eating donuts, drinking mountain dew and complaining that you couldn't afford healthy food on food stamps and that her diabetes was getting worse... So were my stomach pains

Got admitted pretty quickly and they were immediately sure it was my appendix. A quick cat san revealed it was twice as big as it should be and need to come out immediately. This was bad news for a number of reasons, not least because I have 3 field trips to run in the next two weeks and the first one started the following day.

The hospital staff were fantastic, very professional and very pleasant. They did have a tendency to ask the same questions again and again and I think I signed more autographs than David Beckham but apart from that it was fine. They dosed me up with morphine and I can sooo understand how people get addicted! Its great stuff and for the first time in 20 hours I was able to doze while I waited for the op.

The op went fine, although I was asleep so I can't give a blow by blow account. Was all done with key-hole techniques so instead of one big cut I just have three small holes. When I woke up all I could tell was that my stomach didn't hurt and I was a bit drowsy.

I say the staff were great and the medical staff were. The admin staff, especially the financial people - well I guess they are like sharks anywhere. I am lying in a post-op daze and this dumb, grinning moron is waving papers over me and telling we that because my insurance is from over-seas I need to pay on my credit card, now! These people are scum. So at the same time I had precision surgery on my stomach from an excellent doctor I had precision surgery on my wallet from this hard nosed, xenophobic bitch who believes her stupid bill won’t get payed by a “foreign” insurance company.

Got out of hospital that evening and back to the motel. Eat yogurt and bananas to fix my bacteria and went to bed, trying to sort out all the logistics of the next two weeks. Slept like a baby.

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