06 April 2008

Hayseed Dixie at Ricks - Awesome!

Couple of years ago while climbing in Spain, I was introduced to a blue-grass band doing AC/DC covers called Hayseed Dixie – I loved it, they were awesome. Tore, the same guy who introduced me to the music sent me a message a while ago to say that they were coming to Bergen, all the way from Tennessee - chance of a lifetime.

One of the many good things about Bergen is that when bands go on tour the often visit Norway’s second city. The fact that said second city is very small (by European standards) means that you can go and see the Levellers with only 100 other people (as opposed to 10,000 in the UK) and even the Foo Fighters or David Bowie with only 5,000 rather than 100,000.

Anyway was very excited to get to see them, especially since I hadn’t seen any bands for a while. I got the tickets and dragged Lepard, Steve Corfield and Mark Scott along with me. Had a funny day down in Oslo, got back late and headed straight to meet the boys in Finnegans. We were having a good evening waiting for the doors to open next door when I got told I couldn’t eat outside despite the fact that everyone else was allowed to smoke, Tossers! It was a good time to leave anyway and we head to Ricks – Bergens cheesiest cattlemarket type night club, where the band came on at 10.30.

There was a good mix of people and the place was pretty busy but not rammed. The band came on and they looked pretty much you’d expect, dungarees and denim – big beards. They opened up with a few old favorites and then played a few new songs. They were awesome, great music and really entertaining little snippets and stories. The crowd loved it and that includes us.

They played a pretty full set, about 2 hours and then came out into the crowd and had a beer with us. Top bunch of guys. They were fantastic – if you get a chance to see to them, jump at it. Best band I have seen in ages.
The photos are from my phone so they are a bit crappy, but you get the idea...

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