24 April 2008

Alligators and AAPG

The day after Rush I drove up to San Antonio with Rolf and Kjerstin. Since they had lived in Houston for a while they know there way around and suggested a trip to Brazos Bend state park. I was not fussed either way but it sounded interesting.

The park is basically a swamp and is supposidly filled with alligators and all sorts of other wild life and there were plenty of big signs instructung people not to swim, not to wade, keep that small snack (poodle) on a lead and best of all "if an alligator takes the fish you have just caught, cut the line and let it have it, do not fight for it" Classic.

Pretty soon we saw an alligator, well a pair of eyes sticking out of the green water, then another and another, then some babies in a nest. It was true the place was filled with them, and some of them were rather large! Fortunatly I had my DSLR and big lens so I was snapping away like crazy. Also saw turtles, lots of different birdlife, a rare snake infact pretty much everything that was on the menu! All in all a great place to visit - photos to follow.

From there we headed up to AAPG for 3 days of science, old friends and beer! Fairly typical conference, better from the Uni aspect than the Rocksource side but learnt good stuff for both. Gave a talk and was co-presenter on four posters which all went very well. The guys did a great job and we got good feedback

San Antonio is a nice place, well nicer than Houston anyway, its smaller and there is a river running through, below the main street level with lots of bars and restuarants. Nice places to hang out, eat drink and catch up with a lot of folk that I havn't seen for ages.

Flew out on wednesday evening to Utah and two weeks of fieldwork - yeah!

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