31 March 2008

Back in the "land of the large"

Straight from the awesome mountains of Sunmøre to the flat lands of Texas.
Had a good trip, got looks of work done and spent lots of money in Best-buy. At least it wasn't mine. Also had a rather strange encounter in the Apple Shop which went something like...
We walk in and are greeted by very enthusiastic sales man
"what can i do for you guys?"
"We want to look at iphones"
"Over here, all laid out on the table"
So we look and play for a bit then he comes back and we say
"Ok cool, well take 2"
"Sorry we don't have any in stock"
"Er OK, when will they be in?"
"No idea, we hardly ever have any, and when they come in they sell out real fast!"
“So we can’t buy any”
“Buy them – absolutely not…”

OK so no point asking why he didn't share this little gem when we entered the shop... Was somewhat reminiscent of Waynes world meets the monty python cheese shop sketch

Apart from troubles with Apple, we had a good trip. One heavy night drinking jagurmaster and playing darts, but no real harm done. Flew back to the big B on Friday

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