06 March 2008

US ski tour 2008

Awesome trip to the states - the snow was as good or dare I say, even better than predicted especially in Utah. Arrived in Salt Lake on the friday night and drove up to Snowbird It's funny, after all that time doing field work out there I never really thought I'd actually ever stay in the resort. Its a good place although architecturly it is reminiscent of a 80's James Bond villians evil lair.

Andy appeared the next morning keen for action and the guys were very pleased to have someone to show them around. There was a good covering of fresh snow and we had a great day. The next day was almost as good except Katharine got sick - not a nice way to spend your holiday, but while she was chucking it down the toilet mother nature was dumping snow big time. Had a very strange experience where the car locked itself with the keys inside, why do cars look themselves grrr! Anyway managed to break in with the help of a secruity guard, very annoying but better than the last time it happened.

Monday, masses of fresh snow so I head across to Solitude in Big Cottonwood with Andy, he was keen to show me around his favorite resort. The other guys opted to stay in little cottonwood so it was just the two of us! Great place, we did run after run without stopping. By the end my legs were jelly, my ankle hurt like hell but I had a huge smile on my face. K was feeling a bit better so we visited Andy and Helene and had a nice evening eating and playing with the kids. Tuesday we boarded all day and then went on a mega shopping trip, in which Ceclia tried to visit as many outdoor shops as possible in three hours. Thenwe drove the 5 hours to Jackson in 4 and got stopped speading. Cop was a nice guy and we managed to charm or way out of it :-)

Booked into the Cowboy lodge (yee ha) and had a mellow day skiing in the tetons the next day. Snow was not so fresh but with blue skys, great views and good company it was a lovely day. Took a day off the next day and lazed about before going on a snowmobile trip into Yellowstone the following day. The snowmobiles and the riding were not quite as wild as being in BC with the Pope 2 years ago but it was fun and good to see the park at a time when there was only 700 people rather than 70,000.

Next day we packed up and took a leisurly drive back to SLC and then flew home, just as it started dumping fresh snow for the folks that stayed on - lucky buggers. The only downside to the trip home was the invitable arseholes at Schipol secruity who confiscated the jam that we had bought in Minissota Airport as a gift for the neighbour. You can obviously do a lot of damage to a plane with a pot of jam, the spread of choice for your average terrorist!

Anyway we made it back and I went straight down with a cold - welcome back to the real world!

Awesome holiday, great snow - as good as they promised! Great places, been to both before but good to go back and board. Just makes me think that moving Utah has to be a serious option. Great bunch of people, about 22 and nobody knew everyone and they were all really nice. So thanks to Scott and Amy for all their efforts . Most of the photos from the trip are here on flickr.

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