20 February 2008

Pysched for deeeeep powder

Five days back in Norway and the weather has been kak. Six degrees and raining... sitting in the house this evening, looking out over the fjord and listening to the rain lash against the window - its like being on a ship in a wild storm. Normally I love it when its like this but tonight I am packing and getting ready for Utah and some deep powder. Ten days of boarding in my favorite state, which just happens to have had record snow falls this year. Its going to be great - the boards are waxed, the tickets bought, the guys know we're coming, all that's in the way is one more day at work...

It's been an odd couple of days back. Pottered around the house at the weekend, then went to Scott adnd Amys to watch ski porn in prep. for the trip. Rest of the week has been home alone with the cats watching ROME series 2 on DVD. One evening at the gym and one at the climbing wall with Sandy and thats been it... It's a Rock'n'roll lifestyle!

But in two days we'll be carving deep turns in 3m of fresh snow at Snowbird!

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