15 February 2008

Heading home (temporarily)

Just heading back to Norway after two weeks in the land of the large. Been a good trip, got lots of work done and caught up with some old friends. Even made it to the climbing wall with Roy F. managed a couple of trips to the gym and did the required shopping, including some new bindings for my board in preparation for Utah next week.

First highlight was when my hire car got upgraded from a "regular car" to a "truck" (Ford F150). Now a huge pickup is great if you live on a farm or hang out in the desert - but driving round town, it’s pretty horrible, in an amusing sort of way. The most ridiculous aspect is when you park between two other cars then can't get out because the damn thing is so big! How do the fat people manage? Anyway I am going to chalk it up to another cultural experience...

Second highlight was watching Wales beat the Jocks, top game - going to watch rugby at 8am in bar and eating breakfast is somewhat different but it was a good match to watch and a satisfying win. Ireland were unlucky not to pip the french at the end.

Saturday night had some food with Roy and Linda and was entertained by Connor and Erin (their two kids). Then Roy and I headed for some beers to his local boozer. While we were propping up the bar a band started to set up. Turned out it was Janok B and some other people that Roy knew, odd thing was that they only played about three times a year and this was way off their beaten track. I guess if you hang out in enough bars in enough oil towns, sooner or later you'll meet somebody you know. They were pretty good and it made for a top evening.

Rest of the time was pretty quite socially, just got as much work done as possible. Work went well and made the trip worthwhile.

Now sitting in SkiPole waiting for the flight to the big B, seems a bit strange to thing that I'll be back here this time next week heading for deep deep powder...

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