07 February 2008

KLM - a bunch of cretins

Sitting in Houston and I was sure that the flight over would give something to write about, but it was surprisingly pleasant and uneventful. However, true to form the morons at KLM managed to live up to my very low expectations once again. Now I fly with KLM a lot and over the last 10 years the service has been monumentally poor, especially since they were bought by the French, things really went down hill after that.

Now let me say that I have never had anything but excellent service in the air. The cabin crews are awesome, its just the cretins on the ground. Customer service is stunningly bad.

So its 3am in the morning and my phone rings, I wake up and look at it, withheld number so I ignore it. In the morning I check the voice mail and it’s a very rude guy telling me that the return flight I changed last week will be cancelled if I don’t pay the fee. Now when I changed my flight I specifically asked the nice chap I spoke if there was any fees to pay and he specifically said no! I even asked twice and he assured me there was no charge.

So I called them and after the normal rounds of being passed from pillar to post I eventually found a women who wanted to try and help. So I explained the situation for the forth time and she then pottered off to ask her supervisor who basically said “tough shit, we made a mistake but you still have to pay”. Not even a sorry. So then I started to get a bit upset and asked why they had called me at 3am in the morning. She said “how was he supposed to know you were in America and it was the middle of the night?”

Well he was calling from the airline to discuss my return flight with my schedule in front of him, so good question how should he know, where I was or what time it was?

I would not trust these people to sit the right way on a toilet without supervision…

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