04 February 2008

Det snør - its snowing or at least it was

The snow finally arrived in Bergen towards the end of the week. Bergen looks so fantastic when it has a fresh dusting, especially if the skies are also blue. Friday night went out for a quite night with the production guys and ended up exceedingly trashed - not quite sure how that happened.

Saturday got up with a bad head and headed to Voss with Katharine for a days boarding. Not as much snow there as I had hoped, the smart people where all in Eikedalen, which had lots of fresh powder, but at least it meant that Voss was fairly empty. Had a good day anyway and meet up with some of the guys from Bergen after lunch, everyone is psyched for the Utah/Wyoming trip which is only 3 weeks away. Now they have serious amounts of powder this year!

Saturday night had a quite one and stayed in. The hot tub got some good use, there are few things better than sitting out on the terrace, in the tub, looking out over a snow covered fjord and sipping a glass of wine. Very civilised. This is what I moved to Norway for !

Sunday the weather crapped out, got warm, windy and wet. Pottered around and got some jobs done. Monday got up at 0-dark:30 and headed to the airport for a plane to Houston. Will be in the land of the big for 2 weeks. Its going to be very entertaining to be there during super-tuesday - these guys are hard line republicians who still, after all the carange believe that Bush is a good guy and not the geographically illiterate, war mongering, christian cretin that we all knew he was before they were dumb enough to elect him. Twice! Anyway they get to see if their country is going to be run by a blackman or a woman for the next 4 years. I am keen to find out which they fear the most ha ha ha! Either way its gonna hurt!

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