09 March 2008

Shock horror - deep fresh snow at Voss

Been feeling like crap all week with a cold. Been sleeping a lot trying to shake it. Have my old friend Ernesto from Argentina visiting, with a Canadian PhD student called Viktor, so I was pretty keen to show them a good time and a bit of Norway at the weekend, even with a cold.

So we scarpped together enough kit and headed to Voss to check out the snow. It had dumped big time in Bergen on Wednesday but then the mercury rose to 4 degs and with heavy rain and it all turned to shit. Traffic carnage, slush and flooding everywhere. You gotta love ths city.

Anyway was not sure what to expect at Voss, its about 1.5 hours inland but not much higher than Bergen, so anything is possible. There was no cars on the road, which is always a bad sign. The Norwegians are great at predicting conditions, whereas I am shitte. So many a time we have headed up to the hills spurred on by my predictions of great things to come and its been terrible while all the locals have stayed at home by their log fires! Other days when I say its not going to be worth going there are always reports of "the best day of the year" again.

So we sat in the car park and its 2 degs and raining - not a good start! And there is no-one around. Mind full of my visitors we head up anyway and, total shock horrow it awesome. Hardly any people and lots of fresh powder. Was still finding untracked snow at the end of the afternoon. Really fun to ride with Sandy, Mrs Phat Luv got to try her new skies and once Viktor mastered the T-bar a good day was had by all.

Saturday eve we went to a party at the Rocksource Towers and then on to a club. Almost ended up in a fight with some random turks, one of whom kicked me in the back but ended up on his arse - all very bizzaar - this sort of thing just doesn't happen in Norway, people are just far to nice.

So all in all, what with good snow, bad predictions from the locals and fights in clubs it was a very topsy-turvey weekend

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