23 September 2010

Geek Day - more analemma

A while ago I wrote a post about a guy who had photographed the Sun every ten days for a year. The subsequent pattern reflects the various movements of the Earth. This is called the analemma and is described here on wikipedia. Despite that explanation I was still having trouble picturing how all this stuff was moving.

The other day I was playing around on this site, which allows you to look at a map of the sky from anywhere on Earth at anytime (it is made by the same guy who did the Space Invaders game) and it occured to me that I could re-create the analemma. So I set my location to 60N/5E, which is pretty much at the Lair, then filmed a day by day movie for a year from equinox to equinox. The movie is here.

You can recreate this and try putting in different latitudes and see how it impacts the suns pattern. Its pretty cool.

(Now we just have to see how many perv hits I get on a site called karmasotra with a post called anal emma...)

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this misguidance will surely be reported!

this is not Emma...