17 September 2010

Friday Joke - More Pope Shit

So that geriatric Nazi war criminal is in the UK trying to attribute the crimes of his youth to people who are intelligent and perceptive enough to question the brutal bronze age fairy tails that form the justification for his church's numerous acts of genocide through the ages.

Meanwhile scumbag apologists like that horror-show bitch Ann Widdecombe are on the TV saying that the press are "rude" to keep mentioning the fact that the church and the Pope have continually protected and supported pedophiles. Apparently being born gay is far worse than being making a conscious decision to rape small children in your care. Can anyone think of anything more horrific than the terror of a young child, with no one to turn to being repeatedly abused by the very people who are entrusted to look after them. I can't, although the systematic obstruction of the use of condoms against the spread of aids in Africa must come pretty close.

So where are the jokes?
First, the only slightly ironic coverage of the Pope's visit by the daily mash is a good starting point. Here, here, here and here.

And if the twat in the white hood hadn't quite got the message that he is unwelcome, then maybe he should listen to this sent to me by Terry. Despite being rather profane the actually lyrics pretty much hit the nail on the head.

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Les Howell said...

Good rant!! the last link is priceless,