06 September 2010


Fairly hectic times at the moment. PhD exam in the UK was tough, with the candidate getting super defensive and rather difficult to handle. Then met up with Gary in Gatwick on my way back. He was flying to Bergen to examine one of my students the next day.

Gary stayed at the lair and we did a couple of bottles of red whilst sorting the worlds problems. Not too hungover on Friday and Tore's exam went very well, in fact so well he got an A! He was genuinely shocked, it was really nice to see and well deserved.

Katharine was here for the weekend and we made the most of the excellent weather by buying a load of plants for the garden and planting them in the new garden. Not exactly rock n roll but it felt good to get it finished. I have never been a big fan of gardening but I feel strangly compelled to ensure these things don't die and keep rushing out to water them! Maybe I am metamorphing into a middle aged bloke!

Saturday night we went to Liv's 40th birthday party in Loddefjord. It was a really nice evening, very low key. Some food, drink, a few speaches and good company. Norwegian's do this sort of thing so much better than us Brits. Amongst their friends and family they have no problem being very open, honest and sincere. While the Brits would just be shy coy and rude to one another, the Norwegian put us to shame here. It was a privilage to be there and to see her with her friends and family.

Sunday we pottered around the place and enjoyed the good weather. Summer and western Norway at its best.

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