24 June 2010

Thursday is now geek day...

Given that I have probably run out of wise things to say about fashion, I am now going to devote my Thursday post to something much for interesting.

I have a fascination with the various cycles of the Earth, especially those that relate to the fact that we live on a tilted sphere that is rotating whilst orbiting the Sun and simultaneously being orbited by the moon. It's such a great head game and amazing that the ancient Greeks had a much better understanding of it all than 99% of the present day population - despite all our advances in observation and graphical display.

So to start with I have this photo. It represents a composite of 36 shots taken from the same place at the same time, every 10 days for a year. The lights that make up the bowling ball are the Sun. the pattern is termed the analemma and is described in some detail here.

I got the image from here, where there is a more detailed description of how it was made. The original source is this guy in Russia, who obviously has a lot of spare time. Cheers to Lepard who sent me the original link

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