30 June 2010

More time lapse HDR

I have been trying to learn the skills of time lapse photography.

First of all I started out using a webcam and made a week long movie of the fjord in front of the Lair, the results were ok but the quality is pretty shitty.

Then I graduated to using my DSLR and trying to combine HDR with timelapse.

The first couple of attempts were ok but not great - see here and here

Then last week I managed to get everything together and was feeling quite good about the results which are here...

That was until I found this website and realised that I have so far to go... These people are producing stuff that is utterly awesome, I especially enjoy the astro-timelapse the dancing telescopes and the stars are just amazing. Enjoy

Post-script, just for grins I reprocessed the sunset one again with a very aggressive HDR settings. The result is here, I think its interesting...

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