18 June 2010

Friday Joke - IWC

This weeks Friday joke is the IWC - International Whaling Commission
This is the international body that is supposed to discuss, propose and then enforce rules for the management of whales in the global "resource" that is the oceans. Why is it a joke? Well firstly Norway realizes that it won't get it's own way and decides to opt out - kinda like me trying to explain to a police man who has stopped me for speeding that I have "opted out of that law because I don't agree that speeding is always dangerous "

Then the IWC allows the Japanese to murder up to 1000 whales a year for "science". As a scientist I can confirm that is utter bull shit. But not content with that the Japanese then set about recruiting and bribing very poor, often land locked countries to vote with them to overturn the ban. The bribery extends from aid packages (which may be a good thing) to providing hookers and cash handouts to the delegates - which is morally bankrupt at any level (see exposé in the Sunday times here)

There is a vote on this coming up at the meeting in Morocco in the very near future and I am, as usual, ashamed that the spineless wankers that make up the European Union will be abstaining, so as not to offend the Danes - pathetic

Any way in the light of all that, two "posters" from the excellent verydemotivational.com which pretty much sum it all up. Have a nice weekend

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