05 June 2010

Virtual tumbleweed

Things have been a bit quite for the last month, tumble weed has bouncing through the part of the blogosphere that is karmasotra. But do not despair, because I am back, to bother you, you just logged in to find me here, with that look upon my face, you should have changed that URL or made me leave the key...

Sorry - getting all musical. I have in Utah for three weeks and then the last week, since I have been back in Norway has been horribly busy. Lots of stuff has happened since I've gone. The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a huge issue, it has so many different implications and ramifications that I would like to write some stuff about. On a lighter note, I had an excellent holiday with Katharine and my Bro, they got to sample the full Utah experience with some hiking, biking, jeeping, canyoneering, sight seeing and rafting. Will try and write a summary of the best bits of that but in the meantime I put a selection of photos here on flickr. If you are going to look at them I strongly urge using the slide show mode, the thumbnails never do them justice.

Also ran a field course and did a few days of field work. It’s always great to be in Utah.

Other things I have been thinking about writing about include some more stories from the past, a weekly or monthly description of some of the awesome places that I have been to do fieldwork over the years and the usual jokes and rants.

Karmasotra passed 20,000 hits while I was away which I guess is a bit of a milestone although I still have very little idea who actually reads it as there are rarely any comments. Anyway if you do, I hope you enjoy it and keep coming back.

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