01 August 2008

Mixed start to the tour

Made it to Amsetrdam ok, then when I went to board the flight to Kaula Lumpa at 8pm it was delayed till 10pm. No big deal. Then it was delyaed again to 11pm and then it was cancelled, until the following day! Lots of pissed off and stressed people!

KLM stuck us in a chessy hotel at the airport which has probably been used as a set for more special interest movies than Hugh Hefners mansion. Nice!

Next morning back at SkiPole, and this time the flight left on time. During the boarding was a bit worried that they might have reassigned the seats and I would have lost my exit row! The alarm went off as I was boarding and the lady said, oh you have a new seat! Shit - 12 hours cramped up surrounded by screaming kids. She then wrote 74f on my ticket - things were looking up, that is upstairs in a jumbo and potential business class.

This was confirmed on boarding the plane and KLM were instantly my favorite airline all over again. Very pleasent flight, re-wrote a big chunk of a students thesis until the battery on the laptop died and then watched a couple of movies. Its the only way to travel.

Now sat in KL waiting for the next flight which will not be business class and I will most probably be stuck in a middle set surround by screaming kids but such is life...

Should arrive only 16 hours late!

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