11 August 2008

Quick update from the outback

We left on Sunday, drove 7 hours to Kalgoolie in the car. There we meet up with the bikes and headed out into the outback proper. It's now day-8 of the trip and we have just got back to something vaguely resembling civilisation.

Seven days of great riding, camping under the southern sky, cooking on big open fires and seeing the country. The weather is cool and pleasent during the day and very cold at night. We have covered about 900 km so far, all of it on dirt tracks and off-road, my dirt bike riding is getting better every day and the gravity monster has only got me a few times! The bikes are holding up with only limited mechanical problems to date and nothing we couldn't fix in the bush. We have ticked a conflunce point, which someone else had beaten us to and have seen Kangeroos, camels, wild dogs and dingos almost daily.

I have never imagined that there could be so many variations on "red desert with green scrub" but the sceanary is constantly changing - its a truely amazing place and I am lucky enough to be seeing it with some fanatstic people.

Just stocking up on supplies before heading back out now for another 7 days. Will post more when I get back

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