31 August 2008

Its that Spain time of year

Annual trip to Ainsa in the Spanish Pyrenees with group of students. Always great to be here, I love Spain. The geology is cool, the sceanary stunning and the people friendly.

Yesterday we got up at 4.30 (after 3 hours sleep) flew to Toulouse then drove across the mountains. We normally fly into Barcelona but when I tried to book back in June KLM said the flight was full! That's only 4 months in advance! So we flew into France and KLM only lost one set of bags, which by their normal standard is pretty good. Got the cars from Avis, who had decided that my booking of 5 cars must be a mistake and then ended up in a panic trying to find 4 more! Don't you love big organistaions. I picked up a TomTom to make sure we didn't get lost! I am highly scpetical of the route we took but it got us here.

I was then totally knackered so after dinner I headed to bed, about 9.30 and got 10 hours sleep which was only disturbed once, at 11.30 by KLM calling to say they had found the missing bag! Very glad to hear it!

Good day in the field today, Statoilhydro fund this course but couldn't get organised enough to send anyone along so it was just me. Big organizations! Fortuantly I have been here enough times that it doesn't really matter anyway, ended up with everyone swimming in the river - very pleasant.

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