24 July 2011

Anders Behring Breivik is above all a COWARD.

What kind of evil fuck detonates a huge bomb in a city centre and then heads to an island full of children and then sets about systematically murdering them? It is truely incomprehensible. Even the worst attrocites of the IRA or ETA don't come close. Nothing in the gun crazed US matches this and while the bombing of civillians in Iraq and Afganistein are equally tragic for the victims, they are not meticulously planned and callously executed by their own people. Maybe in the deepest darkest parts of war torn Congo, or in Rawanda such things have happened, but not in a quiet, peaceful and gentle country like Norway.

One thing that has not been said by anyone I have spoken to or read is that Anders Behring Breivik is above all a COWARD.

First he bombed a city centre, which in itself is a cowardly act. But even at the time this act didn't quite make sense. Anyone who knowns anything about Norway knows that the cities are empty and the mountain cabins are full in late July, especially on a Friday afternoon - it all seemed wrong?

And indeed it was wrong becuase the bomb was mearly a distraction, a clever decoy and while all eyes turned on the devestated town centre, Breivik drove two hours away, took a boat to a small island full of 700 kids on a youth camp. He then set about murdering them for the next hour. When the police arrived he immediately surendered.

All of this is so cowardly in every way! To kill unarmed people with a machine gun; to kill children, not even adults who might fight back. To give up as soon as the police arrived and not even kill himself. This man is utterly pathetic and as such a typical nazi bully.

Norway on the other hand has shown itself to be hugely dignified in the face of such loss. Many commentators were quick to predict the "end of the innocance" but I am not so sure. I think people here value the openess and  trust of their society too much to let some evil Nazi coward take it all away. After 9/11 George "war-monger" Bush decleared that the United States would "hunt down and destroy the perpetrators", while after last Friday, Jens Stoltenberg said that "Norway would retaliate with more democracy".

And that is what is so great about Norway...

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