02 August 2011

Roy and Viktorija's wedding in Vilnius

We spent a very pleasant long weekend in Vilnius for Roy and Viktorija's wedding.  She is Lithuanian, he is half Welsh and half Finish and they both live in Norway. There was a lot of people who didn't really understand each other. And it didn't matter at all because everyone had a great time. There was much drinking and some very silly dancing that transcended language.

I have wanted to visit the Baltic States since they first appeared on a map in my 4th year history lesson (I was 14) and I thought "wow 3 European countries I have never heard of". That was 1981 and since then I heard a lot about them and there has been huge changes, but I have never quite made it out there. So this was the perfect oportunity.

And it was great, Vilnius is a small city with lots of amazing history and some really good bars and restuarants. The wedding was everything a wedding should be. Excellently planned with lots of nice details. Good to see Roy so happy and nice to catch up with some old friends.

All in all a top weeekend and Sophie has now visited more countries in her first six months than I managed by the age of 20.

 Interesting statues and churches in Vilnius
 The Happy Couple
 Newly wed couples lock an engraved padlock to a bridge and throw the key in the river
 Lighting lanterns at midnight
 The day after
All in all a rather nice city

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