06 July 2011

The News of the Screws!

I have stayed away from blogging (ranting) about politics for a while because there is too much going on in real life to get stressed out about a bunch of twats in London. Also there are too many good things going on in my life to feel angry about pretty much anything.

However, I will make an exception for the current News of the World phone hacking story. The back story, if you don't follow the UK news, is that a paper called the News of the World, which is the pits of the UK gutter press; skanks getting plugged by married footballers, celebrates failing rehab etc etc, all with an unhealthy dose of moral indignation, racisim and sexism thrown in; has just stirred up a whole heap of shit.

The case revolves around the paper using private detectives to hack the mobile phones of "news worthy" people for information a few years ago. This is clearly illegal, but nobody really cared too much because the only people effected were a bunch of vacuous media whores who spend half their lives trying to get into the news and the other half bitching about invasion of privacy.

So the Guardian kept bringing up the story and everyone ignored it, despite the fact it was clear that the Police had taken bribes to not investigate the case properly; the governements chief media consultant was the ex-editor of the NotW and finally the paper is owned by super scumbag Rupert Murdoch to whom the governement is about to handover compelete control of satalite TV in the UK.  If all this it sounds like a nasty corrupt, tin-pot Third World dictatorship, its because that is what my homeland has become.

But the fair people of Britian didn't really give a monkeys as long as they could read about Lyndsey Lohan's drug problems and Spud face Rooney's love of massage parlour exploits. The general population ignored the fact that their police force could be bought by journalists and their politicians were self-serving scum, content to be drip fed a constant stream of mindless tittle-tattle.  That was right up to the point when it emerged that the same private detectives had hacked the mobile phone of a young girl called Milly Dowler, who was abducated and murdered a few years ago. Could it get worse? Well actually yes, because after he had hacked the phone and listened to the messages from her distraught friends and family looking for her, he then deleated them to make more room on her voicemail box. This led the police to believe that she was still alive and focus on her parents private lives which was not only stressful for them but also resulted in the real killer being able to escape and kill again, at least twice! Whoops!

The private detective is a gutter crawling twat - no doubt about it. I am sure that by the time he gets out of  prison next time (he has already been in once), he won't be too keen to pick up the soap in the shower. But the real scumbags here are the bosses of the NotW like Rebeke Wade who are falling over themselves to claim they were on holiday at the time and claim they knew nothing about it, despite in the minimum fostering the culture that laid to that sort of behavour and at worse sanctioning it and paying tens of thousands of pounds to the police to cover it up.

But even lower than Murdoch and his cronies are our disgrace of a government. David Camer-wrong who employed ex NotW editor Andy Coulsden as his press secetary and until the heat got too much was defending him to the hilt. Only when the public indignation got too great did he suddenly, sensing the way the wind was blowing, change tack. What a lying, spineless, gutter snip. And still they are lining up to give Murdoch control of BSkyB - its an utter disgrace. How low can my country sink?

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