16 January 2011


January marches on as the year when everything happens gets well and truely underway.

Had Dan and Rachael from south Wales staying last week. They are low maintainance guest. The weather was pretty shitty for them but they got a days boarding in and managed to see a bit of Bergen.

Saturday we headed to Voss for the second week running and once again there was tonnes of snow and virtually no people. The powder was amazing. Poor Dan fell on the first powder run and it took him almost an hour to get out. It was painfull to watch. After that he stuck mainly to the piste, we did run after run in the deep stuff and towards the end of the day my legs were like jelly. It was one of the best days boarding I have ever had in Norway. But where are all the people? Its very strange, either they are at the other resorts or maybe they just got bored of winter. Who knows and for that matter who cares? As long as they are not clogging up the lift lines and tracking out the fresh pow, then why should I care?

Saturday evening we headed into town, thought I should take my house guests out at least once. I havn't had a proper night out in ages. We went for food in Opera then cocktails at the Calibar. After a couple of rounds Rachael got IDed, she's 19 so they threw us out. She then got IDed at a couple of other bars and nobody seemed to know what the actual age was or where she could get in. It was all very strange, I have never seen this in Bergen, but then again I don't generally hang -out with 19 year olds.

Found a good bar that didn't give us any hassle then drank some more before going dancing in Metro, on eof Bergens classic chessy night spots. Rachael got in using Gail's bank card as ID, Gail was stood next to her but the doorman didn't notice! It was predictably full of pretensious drunk tossers but the music was ok and it served its purpose and alse served gin and tonics of which several were consumed.

Sunday the weather was very shitty, 4 degrees, rain and 10ms wind - gotta love western Norway. My guests left and I pottered about, tidied up and did some jobs. Next week I am heading to Aberdeen so Saturday was probably the last boarding of the season. I fine day to finish with

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