25 January 2011

Sea Shepherd 2011 - Awesome result so far

I am fundamentally opposed to whaling, I believe that in a hundred years time our grandchildren will look back at us and shake their heads in utter disbelief at our ignorant and barbaric ways. Pretty much in the same way that we consider the slave owning classes of two hundred years ago.

I am also a big supporter of direct action - if something is wrong don't moan about it, fix it. I believe that there is no scope for compromise with these kind of people; what they are doing is wrong and anything short of murder is justified in stopping it. Its not a matter of their opinion vs mine; its not acceptable because its culture; its just fuckin wrong.

Consequently, I am a very big fan of Paul Watson and
Sea Shepherd and I have been watching their 2010/2011 campaign against the Japanese in the southern ocean with delight. A couple of years ago they were down in the icy waters of the Antarctic with a single boat chasing an entire Japanese fleet. Support has grown steadily over the last couple of years, no doubt helped by the publicity that got from Animal Planets "Whale wars". This year they are down there with 3 boats and a helicopter and it is turning into their most successful season ever.

They found the Japanese fleet almost immediately and set about a big game of cat and mouse. The Nissan Maru, the huge factory ship escaped but two of the three harpoon boats were tied up chasing Sea Shepherd. When they are chasing the protestors they are not killing whales!

Then today I read that they have again found the Nissan Maru and with over half the whaling season already gone and virtually no whales killed its looking like an almost unbelievably good result for both the Whales and for compassionate and intellegent people everywhere.

If you agree then visit
seashepherd.org and make a donation, however small to the people who are out there making a difference.

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